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Most Valuable Car Color? When It Comes to Cars, Silver is Gold

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Businesses and psychologists have at least this one thing in common: they have the unenviable task of trying to organize a mass of individual human opinions and desires into understandable trends. For example, both businesses and psychologists might seek to answer the question: what is the most valuable car color? The answer is probably relative—bright orange sports cars typically look cooler than bright orange pick-up trucks—but according to Kelley Blue Book, the simplest answer is “silver.”

most valuable car color silver

The most valuable car color? Silver, pictured here in this 2012 Mazda6

More silver cars are sold than any other color in every single segment except the Trucks/SUVs/Minivans segment. That’s dynasty-like domination. Robert S. Daily, color marketing manager at DuPont Automotive, speculated on what keeps silver so successful. “Silver and grey reflect our fascination with technology…Secondly, silver and techno-gray seem to accentuate the angular, ‘new-edge design’ of the latest luxury sports vehicles.”

At the end of the day, we’re really all just guessing as to what makes silver currently the most valuable car color. But there’s one thing that’s important to keep in mind, especially if you want to sell your car someday. A car outfitted with an unpopular color, even if it’s in perfect condition, might suffer on the market. If you are selling a silver car, though, count yourself fortunate—and dig a hole in the backyard to bury all your gold.

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