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Mustang in Space? Mustang in Space

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Mustang in Space


If you didn’t get a chance to see last year’s runaway hit/nausea-inducing spectacle Gravity, we’ve got the next best thing. If you saw Gravity and found yourself thinking something along the lines of, “this movie sure is great and all, but, man, wouldn’t it just be awesome if they took out Sandra Bullock and put in a badass Mustang? I mean, really,” then you’re in luck.

“For here am I sitting in a Mustang/Far above the world”

Big Valley Ford out of Stockton, California had the bright idea to send a Mustang into space in celebration of the pony car’s 50th anniversary last month. To do so, they took a model version of the 2015 Mustang (which looks quite similar to the ones that were available for free at the Detroit and Chicago Auto Shows), attached it and a GoPro camera to a weather balloon, and let it go.

Mustang in Space

The result: forty seconds of the model Mustang lolling slowly along the horizon miles above Earth. Things are relatively tranquil until about the 70-second mark, when things get all Gravity-esque. The weather balloon and the Mustang come hurtling back to earth at tremendous speeds, looking equal parts incredible and horrifying while quite possibly perfectly replicating an acid flashback (or at least scene from Eraserhead if Lynch had opted for a Mustang instead of an inhuman baby-thing).

Mustang in Space

In heaven, everything is fine (because horsepower)

After crashing back to Earth, the GoPro and the Mustang are rediscovered in a field. The film ends there, though it seems like a good enough jumping off point for a horror film about a tiny alien inhabitant living within the toy Mustang. Perhaps they’re saving it for the sequel.

Mustang in Space

“…liberate tute me ex inferis.”