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NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Finds New Job, But Won’t Start Until 2017?

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NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer has found a new job, so why does he have to wait more than a year before he can start?

Clint Bowyer will have to wait a little bit before starting his new job
Photo: Mike Kalasnik

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When news broke that legendary driver Tony Stewart was retiring from the Sprint Cup Series after the 2016 season, there wasn’t anybody more excited about the news than fellow NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer. It’s not that Bowyer has anything against Stewart, actually, it’s quite the opposite; Boyer will now be calling Stewart his boss starting in 2017.

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With Stewart vacating the driver’s seat of the No. 14 Chevrolet SS and Boyer in need of a job, since his current race team will be shutting down at season’s end, it only made sense that Bowyer take over the No. 14 Chevy, which Stewart co-owns.

There’s only one catch.

Stewart still plans to compete for one more season, so Bowyer will have to race for HScott Motorsports in 2016, according to ESPN.

Bowyer has won eight races in his Sprint Cup Series career, but hasn’t taken a trip to victory lane since 2012, which is the same season he finished second to Brad Keselowski for the series championship.

Stewart, a three-time champion of NASCAR’s premier series, also hasn’t seen victory lane in a few years. The 2013 season was the last time Stewart hoisted the checkered flag and that was also the same season he broke his leg in a racing accident, which forced him to miss multiple races.

Stewart and Bowyer will both compete next in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on October 4th, at Dover International Speedway. The race is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm and will be broadcast by NBCSN.

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