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NASCAR Driver Paints ‘Trump For President’ On His Racing Truck

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NASCAR Driver Paints ‘Trump For President’ On His Racing Truck

Korbin Forrister said he meant no disrespect by the new decals on his truck
Photo: Korbin Forrister via Twitter

NASCAR truck driver Korbin Forrister didn’t have a sponsor for Wednesday night’s race at Eldora Speedway, so the 22-year-old decided to use the blank space on his truck to make a political statement by putting a Trump for President decal on the hood.

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Donald Trump’s campaign did not pay for the decals on the truck. Forrister said he did it because he thought Trump would be fantastic at running the country. NASCAR truck sponsorships usually cost between $15,000 to $150,000 per race.

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NASCAR approved the paint scheme when it was submitted to them before the race, which is surprising since NASCAR announced just a few weeks ago it will no longer use the Trump National Doral Miami as the truck series’ banquet venue, after Trump made offensive comments regarding Mexican immigrants.

The NASCAR truck series is sponsored by Camping World Truck, which is owned by Marcus Lemonis, who is the person that first prompted NASCAR to stop using Trump owned resorts, after writing a letter to NASCAR giving the ultimatum to change the banquet location or lose his – and presumably his company’s financial – support.

“I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings or show any disrespect,” Forrister said about his truck’s new paint scheme. “I’m just trying to show who I support.”

Forrister finished the July 22nd dirt track race in 24th place, one lap behind the leaders. His new decals and re-tweet of Donald Trump before the race still couldn’t provide the inspiration needed to find victory lane Wednesday night.

Here’s video of the “Trump For President” truck spinning out at the race: