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NASCAR is Also Opposed to Legalized Discrimination

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Still from Nick Offerman NASCAR ad

Nick Offerman chills in a hot tub with a bunch of dudes at a NASCAR race

In Nick Offerman’s incredibly awesome NASCAR ad for NBC Sports, the Parks and Rec star sings that NASCAR is a place “where everyone’s welcome and we all belong/ even my friend, and his American flag thong.” Well, it seems that NASCAR is making good on that promise of inclusiveness, as today the nation’s leading stock car racing organization came out against Indiana’s anti-gay “religious freedom” bill (although they still haven’t made peace with the glutenites).

“We will not embrace nor participate in exclusion or intolerance,” NASCAR said in a statement. “We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our sport and therefore will continue to welcome all competitors and fans at our events in the state of Indiana and anywhere else we race.”

NASCAR is a family-owned and operated business based in Florida and North Carolina, but holds its annual Brickyard 400 race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana.

Many other businesses have criticized the new law, which allows for-profit businesses to legally deny services to certain customers because of their religious beliefs (for example, a bakery being able to refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding). NASCAR isn’t the only automotive entity or sports franchise to speak out against the law, with Subaru and the NCAA also voicing their displeasure. Even March Madness enthusiast Dick Vitale responded to the new law by saying, essentially, “THAT’S NOT AWESOME, BABY!”

If Indiana loses the NCAA tournament and the Brickyard 400 over this boneheaded new law, then the state will really only be known for having… uh… the Colts, maybe?