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NASCAR Makes Major Announcement Regarding 2016 Rule Changes

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NASCAR has announced major rule changes to its racecars for next season

The new rule changes will take effect starting in 2016

The drivers have spoken and for once, NASCAR has listened.

After testing out a new aerodynamic package at races held at Kentucky and Darlington, which featured up to 25% less downforce, NASCAR has seemingly enjoyed what they saw enough to announce it will be implementing similar rules for 32 races in 2016, with the exceptions being the four races that feature restrictor plates.

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“NASCAR has worked tirelessly with our teams, drivers, manufacturers and Goodyear to develop a rules package that provides fans with the best racing possible,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s executive vice president and chief racing development officer. “The success of the races at Kentucky and Darlington in similar trim proved extremely valuable in accelerating rules development for 2016. Now, as teams have even more time to prepare and a strong baseline of data, we anticipate the racing to be even better.”

The new aerodynamic package will feature a .25-inch front splitter, 33-inch radiator pan, and a 3.5-inch rear spoiler. NASCAR wants to limit engine speeds to a ceiling of 9,000 RPM at every race and it will work with Goodyear to create tires that work best for the new aerodynamic rules.

The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, Brad Keselowski, was testing his racecar at Phoenix International Raceway when he heard about the rule changes and shared his approval of the new aerodynamic package via Twitter.

The new aerodynamic package will create more chances for drivers to pass each other because it limits the time they can hold down the throttle in the turns, which forces them to showcase more of their actual racing skills.

“This is what race car driving’s all about,” Denny Hamlin told “ And I feel like now it’s back in the driver and crew chief’s hands to get their car handling like it’s supposed to, not just an arms race of who builds the fastest cars in the shop.”

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