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NBA Player Andre Drummond Sued for Tweet about Detroit Detail Shop

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Think before you Tweet.

NBA player Andre Drummond could be forced to pay for comments he made about Dynamics Customs in Detroit.
Photo: AndreDrummondd

It’s true you can pretty much say whatever you want on Twitter, but just remember those words might cost you someday…

That day has seemingly come for NBA player Andre Drummond, who is being sued by Dynamics Customs in Detroit for $25,000 over a comment he made about custom work they did to his Mercedes-Benz S550 on Twitter.

One Tweet may cost Drummond &25,000.

Drummond’s Mercedes-Benz S550, which had the custom work done to it.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Drummond sent the following Tweet in early May, “If you are from MI, NEVER EVER go to @DynamicCustoms to get your car worked on. They have done things to my car that could have cost my life.”

This comment has since been removed from Drummond’s Twitter page. The shops’s owner, Bobby Joumaa, is suing Drummond over the Tweet for potential damage to his business, since the NBA player has more than one million Twitter followers.

Drummond previously had been a supporter of Dynamics Customs in Detroit. He sent out a very positive Tweet on March 12th about the work they did to his Benz.

The Detroit Pistons basketball player changed his tune about the shop after a second visit regarding a job they did on his custom car seats. The NBA player wanted a full refund and the shop did not grant him that wish. They even billed him extra for having to reprogram his airbags when they had to work on his vehicle the second time.

red and black custom leather seats.

Drummond’s custom red and black leather seats.

The 21-year-old Drummond had his best year in the NBA last season when he averaged 13.8 points and 13.5 rebounds per game. That improvement is sure to land him a big payday when it’s time to negotiate his next contract and an improvement to his social media etiquette could help him keep his hands on that money.

News Source: Detroit Free Press