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‘Need for Speed’ Car Stunts Get Real

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‘Need for Speed’ Car Stunts

2015 Ford Mustang with Need for Speed Director, Scott Waugh

The all-new film, ‘Need for Speed,’ has taken car stunts to a new level. The film’s director, Scott Waugh, is a lifelong fan of classic action film sequences, so when taking on the ‘Need for Speed’ car stunts, he opted for the real deal. Rather than using computer-generated images, he had seven modified 2014 Ford Mustangs built to film real life car-to-car action.

Waugh, being a former stuntman, wanted to create an authentic experience for his audience, one with real stunts that create real sounds. The Ford Mustang was a natural choice for Waugh, whose goal was to create a genuine perspective of what it’s like to drive at high speeds in close proximity with other cars – even using a supercharged 2013 Mustang GT as a camera car to capture the action up close and personal.

“My philosophy has always been you can’t break physics,” said Waugh. “If you do, it hurts the story, because then the physics don’t apply to the characters either Doing practical stunts with cars takes more up-front preparation to set up the shots and ensure safety, but the end result is worth it.”

Only three of the seven wide-body Mustangs survived the filming, two of which are on tour promoting the film, while the third will be auctioned for charity on April 12th.

Pulling off the ‘Need for Speed’ car stunts was no small task. The best professional stunt drivers were hired, including Vaughn Gittin Jr. who showcases the all-new 2015 Mustang in the film. Can’t wait to see it? Good news – you don’t have to; the highly anticipated movie is in theaters now!