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Ford Launches Three New 2015 F-150 Commercials

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2015 F-150 Commercials

Ford launches its largest pickup campaign ever with three new 2015 F-150 Commercials

The launch of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 is extremely important to Ford, not just for their 2015 bottom line, but also because it could shape the direction of so much of their lineup into the future. As such, it stands to reason that Ford would accompany the launch of arguably the most important pickup it has ever built with an equally-significant advertising campaign that includes three new F-150 commercials and a ton of visibility on sports programming.

“Like the 2015 Ford F-150, Ford’s truck customers have become even smarter about how they do their jobs and how they shop for their next truck,” said Chantel Lenard, Ford director, U.S. Marketing. “To meet their information-gathering needs, Ford will gain their attention during commuting and off-hours while providing on-demand digital and mobile content that answers their questions 24/7.”

Ford began airing three new commercials on New Year’s Eve during the first NCAA College Football Playoff games.

New 2015 F-150 Commercials

“Forward March”

Considered the “anthem spot,” this commercial contrasts the 2015 F-150 to hard-working men in various blue collar jobs. There are plenty of hero shots, lots of emphasis on the new features that make it so useful for heavy duty labor, and—of course—Dennis Leary’s gruff voice set against some generic rock tunes.

“What’s Next”

This spot gives you more of what you love: footage of the F-150 doin’ stuff while Dennis Leary talks at you, all while emphasizing new and exclusive features such as remote tailgate release, LED headlamps, and integrated ramps.

“Move It”

A lot of the same shots as the other two ads, even more DENNIS LEARY(!), and a greater emphasis on the F-150’s ability to move big things easily.

Ford says that the F-150 will also star in webisodes of “F-150 Tough Science,” which will star John Brenkus of “Sports Science.” Brenkus will serve as a platform to highlight the numerous technological advancements of the smartest F-150 ever built.

In addition, Ford says that its brand content alliance teams will help to promote the F-150. Those teams include NASCAR, National FFA, Professional Bull Riding, and WOW TOBY KEITH WOW!

 Gallery: Images from Ford’s New F-150 Commercials

2015 F-150 Commercials