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New 2016 Subaru Crosstrek Commercial Encourages Adventures

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“Crossroads” demonstrates the “off the beaten path” adventures that drivers can get into behind the wheel of a Subaru Crosstrek

The first 2016 Subaru Crosstrek commercial illustrates the adventurous spirit of the brand

The first 2016 Subaru Crosstrek commercial illustrates the adventurous spirit of the brand

The 2016 Subaru Crosstrek has a new name (having dropped the XV), and with it comes a brand new advertisement—though we did enjoy last year’s Fountain of Youth commercial that assured us in the fine print that children should not drive a car. The new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek commercial is called “Crossroads” and takes a young couple to a fork in the road in an all-new 2016 Crosstrek, painted a really serene blue.

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One of the roads at this divergence goes off the beaten path, which is, of course, no trouble for an off-road-ready vehicle like a Subaru. The other road at the fork continues on, paved and boring as ever. Before selecting a path, the couple envisions the type of adventures (and trouble) they might get into in both scenarios.

2016 subaru crosstrek commercial - crossroads

The couple decides which path to choose

You can watch the scenarios play out in the ad below:

Although the couple imagines the dirt road may lead them to skunks, leeches, bears, and crazy mountain men, they ultimately decide it is the more worthwhile route. The other path, after all, leads them to a boring day at the mall—at least in their imaginations.

2016 subaru crosstrek commercial - crossroads

Even though there are leeches, an adventure is still more fun than shopping

The ad isn’t the strongest we’ve seen from Subaru in recent months. More appealing commercials have included “Making Memories,” the first ad for the all new Forester; “Dream Weekend,” the heartwarming yet heartbreaking ad that detailed a dog’s last days, crossing off items on his bucket list with his guardian; and “Mitch,” a humorous look at Subaru’s resale value. Still, “Crossroads” manages to make us smile and showcases the potential for an adventure that each and every Subaru brings to the table.

2016 subaru crosstrek commercial - crossroads

Though there were funny moments, like this one, “Crossroads” did not have the same power to be remembered that “Making Memories” and “Dream Weekend” did

The ad closes with actual verbiage about the new 2016 Crosstrek. It of course has Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and reportedly gets 34 miles per gallon (EPA-estimated) on the highway with the continuously variable transmission. Just another reason to drool over the Crosstrek, eh?

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  • Methusaleh

    Why does the adult man have a 14 year old girl friend?

    • Drew

      Because it’s an attention-grabbing taboo. I like the reference to the Deliverance movie. “Now, let’s you just drop them pants… panties, too. Just take ’em right off!”

    • Mike Harlan

      Look up Cyrina Fiallo

    • Mr Evilwrench

      I wondered whether she was supposed to be his wife or his daughter. I couldn’t see how old he looked because she kept being on the screen. Either way, I’d give it to her good and hard. In an affectionate and totally legal way, of course

  • Mike Harlan

    She’s not 14, She’s in some TV, but i can’t remember.her
    Name But i know she’s in her 20s

  • Mike Harlan

    Her Name Cyrina Fiallo and she’s in her 20s

    • She’s cute… I’d gladly give her a hot beef injection!

    • Dave H Ia.

      24 and really cute

  • John Wilson

    Just to clarify: The reference in the commercial to the movie Deliverance involves the scene where a man is violently raped, and you think it’s funny…?

    • Mr Evilwrench

      You must be a tediously humorless and dreadful person to be around. Go watch Barney or something. Wait, you’ll probably still find a way to be offended.

      • John Wilson

        Evilwrench: you’re an idiot.

        • Mr Evilwrench

          Whoo, you told me! Well, I guess I’m off to reexamine my choices in life after that insightful critique. I feel so… what’s the word? Gratified, I think that was it.

  • Mike

    I thought it was his daughter until the clothing store scene.