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New 2018 Ford F-150 Commercial: It Doesn’t Raise the Bar, It is the Bar, and Dennis Leary is Your Pal

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2018 Ford F-150 It Is The Bar

It’s that time of year again: an onslaught of new commercials dropping just in time to coincide with the kick-off of another football season. While the field is packed with primetime players, the 2018 Ford F-150 stands as one of the more anticipated new vehicles to hit the market because, well, it’s a Ford F-150 and people just kinda really take to it.

As such, the 2018 Ford F-150 will be the star of a new advertising campaign that kicked off during opening weekend of the 2017-18 NFL season. It’s even got a new catchphrase: “It doesn’t just raise the bar; it IS the bar.”

Now you might be asking yourself: are the three new commercials that are hitting airwaves even as you read this narrated by the smooth, sensuous voice of famed Bill Hicks impressionist and Demolition Man star Dennis Leary? Oh, you know it.

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Oh yeah! Listen to the clipped, forceful narration. Sit in awe at the way Dennis Leary calls you “pal” and “gunslinger.” Check out all that footage that was no doubt acquired by Ford with the express written consent of the National Football League.


This one focuses on power and towing. But again with this pal thing? Look, Dennis. You were, I dunno, pretty good in Rescue Me. Also, you were in The Ref, and that was a movie. But I don’t know that we’ve gone far enough here together that we should be calling one another pal, ya know?

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Yeah, it’s snappy, and it’s flashy, and it’s all about that safety. That’s great. Perfect marketing points, even. But I’m just gonna have to say it: I’m not your pal, buddy.

Ford is also launching new advertising components for the 2018 Ford F-150 that include in-dealership materials, digital, print, social, and radio—with at least the latter of the bunch involving Dennis Leary calling you his pal. If that’s your thing, more power to you, because you’ve got a friend in Dennis Leary.

  • Graham EubankContributor

    Graham Eubank is the President of Palmetto Ford. He started with the company in 1990 after graduating from Clemson University. Palmetto Ford is a Ford dealer serving Charleston and carries an extensive line of new cars, including the Ford Explorer, F150, Mustang, Focus and much more.

  • Bug S Bunny

    I have no clue who Dennis Leary is or what he does other than these commercials. Actor? Singer? Ventriloquist?

    • Daff E Duck

      He’s a comedian, but he’s only a comedian in the sense that he used Bill Hicks’ corpse as a flotation device in order to keep his stand-up career afloat so that he could move on to a really unimpressive film career before finally doing that firefighter show where he played a character that I don’t think he stole from a deceased comedian who was 10 times better than he’ll ever be.

      • Brad

        I feel like Dennis Leary might have written thus response.

  • Grant Christensen

    What everyone seems to be missing is the misuse of their catchphrase…it doesn’t raise the bar, it is the bar. That’s backwards. Something that raises the bar is already above the bar. Something that is the bar is under that which raises the bar. So Ford is actually insulting their product. Think about it.

    • Jason R.

      Exactly. It sounds great…until you actually spend a quarter of a second thinking about it. But given the average American’s critical thinking capacity, it still works in Ford’s favor, I guess.