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New App Helps Prevent Deaths of Children in Hot Cars

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ibabyseat app

The app will help prevent infant deaths in hot cars

Whether or not you’re a parent, hearing about children dying after being left unattended inside hot cars is horrific. Perhaps you wonder how on earth anyone could forget that their infant is in the back seat, or think that these people should never have been allowed to have kids in the first place. The sad truth is that many of these deaths are tragic accidents, brought about by an exhausted, overwhelmed parent who mistakenly assumed that his or her spouse had taken care of the baby. Now, two fathers have invented an app designed to prevent these tragedies—and it’s affordable enough for all parents to use.

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The app, called ibabyseat, includes a magnet which is placed on the carseat base and a sensor placed on the removable carseat. The two communicate with each other, and if the parent walks 30 to 40 feet away from the car without the baby, the parent is noted via an app that uses Bluetooth technology. If the parent doesn’t respond, the app can alert emergency contacts, or even 911 emergency dispatchers if necessary.

The ibabyseat app is the brainchild of Christian Michael and Ryan Borovansky—two fathers from Minnesota. Michael came up with the idea when he himself became a father and realized just how easy it would be to accidentally leave his son in the car. “ibabyseat simply speaks to the technology we all carry with us and none of us ignore,” explained Michael.

ibabyseat is expected to go on sale at big box retailers in October, and should cost around $30—a low price that’s accessible to the majority of parents. Hopefully, if this technology becomes more widespread, we’ll hear fewer heartbreaking stories about infants dying in hot cars in the coming years.

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News Source: KDSK