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New App Pays You to Wrap Your Car in Ads

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Owning a car seems to be less and less appealing these days. With the expansion of ride-sharing and car-sharing services like Uber and Zipcar, in some areas it is actually more expensive to own a car than to simply use alternative transportation. Add on to that an incoming tide of Millenials who really aren’t too jazzed to have their own car, and the costs associated with owning a car becomes more of a barrier than ever.

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Wrapify, a 6-month-old startup company, is looking to change that. Wrapify is a two-sided marketplace, with drivers on one side and businesses on the other. The businesses offer a certain amount of money for the drivers to put a vinyl wrap on their cars, which the drivers then take around with them for the length of their contract. The driver is paid per mile driven based on a number of factors, like whether the driver was in a high-population area, or sat in traffic for a long period of time, all of which is tracked by the smartphone app.

In addition, Wrapify offers the businesses a feature called Swarm, which sends a notification to drivers and offers an extra bonus if they will park or drive around a certain area for a certain period of time.

Wrapify estimates that drivers make an average of $450 per month (perhaps enough to cover car payments?). The app is only available in 10 cities so far, although the company has signed over 10,000 drivers and has seen 100% month-over-month growth.

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Would you be willing to make your car into a billboard with this app?

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