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New BMW Feature Is Exception to the Rule

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BMW Automated parking

For a car to go on sale in the United States, regulations say it must have certain safety features, like an interior trunk release and seat belts. One of these laws says a brake pedal must be depressed before a car can be shifted from park. That presents a problem to BMW and its new Park Assistant Plus feature on the BMW 7 Series, which allows a driver to pull in and out of a tight parking space using the car’s high tech fob. The only problem is that, unlike other parking aids that require the passenger to be in the car and shift gears, the brake is not depressed to shift the car from park.

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The Park Assistant Plus feature  has been kept out of of the US so that the BMW 7 Series is compliant with federal regulations, while the rest of the world can choose to update their vehicle. However, Autoblog is reporting that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has granted the automaker an exemption after a request, opening the door for an even more cutting edge BMW 7 Series. According to the NHTSA, the brake law is too vague, as the original intent was to require the brake to be applied for a car to shift between forward and reverse gears.

Take a look at Park Assistant Plus in action below.

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The 2016 BMW 7 Series is already receiving praise in the US for its comfort, style, and advanced features. This new parking technology is bound to make it better than ever, and could open to doors to other automakers to develop similar self-parking systems.

News Source: Autoblog