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New Buick Commercial Will Make You Say “Hmm”

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Buick commerical

A new Buick commercial is taking on a decades-old rumor with a witty retort and tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Chances are that you’ve heard the claims before: “Buick is a car made specifically for old people.” Heck, if you type in “Buick is” into Google, here’s the first result that comes up.

Buick Is
Buick doesn’t seem to mind much (in fact, they’re probably too busy setting record for monthly sales to hear any sort of derision going on in the background). Which is why their new television ad is more than happy to take a shot at what people expect from a Buick while showing off what the brand actually delivers.

“Hmm” depicts a couple watching their neighbors stepping out of their new Enclave and wondering: “is that a Buick?” A valet scampers through a parking lot looking for a Lacrosse, a friend tries to track down her ride in an Encore, and—most appropriate for the “old man’s car” naysayers—a young man leads his grandmother toward a new Regal that she cannot believe is a Buick.

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The message here is that car shoppers are quite literally overlooking Buick because of long-held stereotypes that brand-refreshing techniques have rendered outdated.

“We’re attacking that false familiarity directly, because we’ve got this new portfolio now,” Buick marketing chief Tony DiSalle told Automotive News.

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Does the new Buick commercial change your perception of the Buick brand? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Buick commercial                                                   Buick commercial