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New Dale Call Commercial Is So Manly, Y’all

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Remember those Diet Mountain Dew (or DIET MTN DEW) commercials from about a year back that starred Dale Earnhardt Jr.? You know the ones; some guys are out in the woods hunting or fishing or whathaveyou, and one guy produces a “Dale call” that summons the No. 88 car from seemingly out of nowhere. If you don’t remember, you’re in luck, because hey look, here it is:

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Well, Dale Jr. is back for another Dale-call commercial that takes the previous commercial’s affectation of all things perceived as manly and kicks it up about 100 decibels with the help of paintball, generic metal music, and MOAR DONUTS in a Chevy SS:

Does this commercial make you want to play paintball? Does it make you want to drink Mountain Dew? Does any of this make sense on any level? No. Or Yes. Whatever.

On a related note, if you want one of them there Dale Calls, they’ll be available for purchase at the low, low price of $24.99 at the Geico 500 from Talladega this weekend. The latest Dale Call commercial will also begin airing during the broadcast on FOX and NBC.

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Via: GM Authority