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New Fiat Chrysler Documentary Highlights Brand’s WWII Efforts

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Fiat Chrysler WWII Documentary

Fiat Chrysler was a primary manufacturer for the military during WWII, producing a variety of goods including this tank engine

On December 29th, 1940, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a historic radio broadcast that is now known as the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Now, Fiat Chrysler is looking to recognize this broadcast’s 75th anniversary with a short documentary, called “Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy.” At the time of the original radio broadcast, Fiat Chrysler (known then as the Chrysler Corporation) was a primary supplier for the military. This documentary highlights this very important role in World War II.

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FCA US historian Brandt Rosenbusch narrates the documentary, which lasts about six minutes. The short film provides viewers with a look into the Chrysler Corporation’s wartime production. During WWII, production included trucks and tanks; aircraft parts; guns, ammunition, rockets and bombs; and a variety of other materials that were vital to the Allied war effort.

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Fiat Chrysler is continuing to lend a hand to the United States Armed Forces, employing many military personnel on active military leave, along with active or inactive reservists and veterans.  It also makes an annual donation to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, supports the construction of the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC, and donates Jeep vehicles to certain Operation package recipients.