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New Flagship Vehicle Coming Soon To Lexus

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The Lexus LS—the current brand flagship

When you think of Lexus, the LS is what comes to mind first. It’s currently the flagship vehicle of the brand, but the Lexus LS might have to move over and share with another vehicle in the coming year.

“In addition to the LS (a large sedan), there could be another flagship in our lineup,” Lexus Division General Manager Jeff Bracken told Reuters. He then said that the new vehicle wasn’t necessarily a sedan, and closed with “We’ll define what it is in January.”

A new flagship model would mean that Lexus would have to either introduce a new model or significantly beef up an existing part of the lineup. We don’t see the automaker straying too far away from the cars and SUVs it currently produces, because that’s what it does best.  Reuters believes that a new Lexus SUV is in the works, perhaps something that resembles the Lexus RX but adds a third row of seating. Car and Driver predicts a new coupe sports car to take the lead for Lexus. The author of that article points out that Lexus has already trademarked names that would go well with a coupe, LC500 and LC500h, but a trademark doesn’t always guarantee a production vehicle. The trademark could also be applied to a new concept vehicle, instead of a car that would appear in dealerships nationwide.

While a coupe sports car would certainly be more exciting, the SUV option would probably be a better seller overall. The flagship model of an automaker needs to find a sweet spot of being flashy enough to catch a buyer’s attention, but it also have the sales numbers to back up its spot at the top.

As more information becomes available, we will be sure to keep you in the loop, and we can’t wait to see what Lexus unveils in January!