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New Ford Edge Concept Technology Is Cutting Edge

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Pun so intended.

ford edge concept

The all-new Ford Edge Concept

Ford Motor Company today unveiled the all-new Ford Edge Concept, which previews the direction that the American automaker will take with the next-generation Ford Edge production vehicle. The stunning concept is laden with new prototype technology (as well as updated technology that we already see on the market) and is marked by heightened fuel-efficiency, improved capability, and a sporty appearance.

“The original Ford Edge offered customers in North America a fresh, compelling choice for an accommodating, efficient and safe medium utility vehicle,” commented Joe Hinrichs, executive vice president and president of The Americas, Ford Motor Company. “The next-generation Edge – previewed in the Ford Edge Concept – will build on these cornerstones to create a global vehicle with technology to make life easier, and design and craftsmanship to appeal to customers around the globe.”

So what are these new prototype technologies that were previewed in the Ford Edge Concept? Some of them are quite impressive.

Looking to the Future with Technology

ford edge concept

The Ford Edge Concept offers self-parking.

Perhaps the most exciting technology previewed by the Ford Edge Concept is the fully assisted parking aid. By simply pressing a button within your car, or even—get this—using a remote control from outside your car, you can command the Ford Edge Concept to locate a perpendicular parking space via ultrasonic sensors. And perhaps the most practical use? When some jerk parks insanely close to you so that you can’t possibly shimmy in between the cars to your door and then pry it open to slip inside, you can call the car out using the remote, loading the vehicle when there is much more space available to you.

ford edge concept

The Ford Edge Concept features adaptive steering.

The Ford Edge Concept also highlights the research that Ford is conducting to fine-tune advanced obstacle avoidance systems, which helps drivers to avoid obstacles—go figure—if the driver ignores the alerts put off by the system as he or she approaches them. The concept also features adaptive steering, which, according to the official press release, “controls the relationship between how much the driver turns the wheel and how much the road wheels turn.” Essentially, if you’re backing out of the garage and only need to turn the car ever so slightly to dodge the trash can, you will only have to move the wheel a little bit.

While merely prototypes, these technologies are not far off from production, however. In fact, these technologies all build on technologies we already see in Ford products today, such as active park assist and the electric power-assisted steering system.

“The rate of change in vehicle technology right now is unprecedented,” stated Raj Nair, Ford group vice president of global product development. “Our engineers around the world are advancing the systems that will ultimately help make drivers smarter, safer and more efficient. From advanced engine systems to collision avoidance and automated driving systems, Ford will continue to lead in delivering the technologies consumers want and need.”

Advancing Current Technology

In addition to the astounding technology of tomorrow, the Ford Edge Concept highlights the technology of today, already available across the Ford lineup—only new and improved. These improved technologies include the following:

  • Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support
  • Lane-Keeping System
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Active park assist

Revolutionizing Style: Inside and Out

ford edge concept

Both the headlamps and the taillamps of the Ford Edge Concept are LED.

But the Ford Edge Concept isn’t just some nerdy tech car; it also exudes sexiness. A sleek and sporty exterior hint at both performance and comfort. Ford’s press release points to its strong shoulders, rearward sloping grille, and sculpted body as talking points for the reinvented Edge—not to mention the LED lighting for both the headlamps and the taillamps.

Updates have been made to take efficiency to new heights as well. The award-winning EcoBoost® engine with the innovative start-stop technology leads the charge (another intended pun, I admit) in green driving for the Ford Edge Concept, but don’t overlook aspects such as the active grille shutters and air curtains housed on the lower part of the fascia.

Step inside the Ford Edge Concept to experience the finest craftsmanship on display in LA. I especially liked the combination of premium interior elements that Ford included for the Edge: a floating binnacle top, a leather-wrapped and hand-stitched instrument panel, a unique gear shifter and steering wheel, and a 10-inch touch screen center display with everybody’s favorite, MyFord Touch®, among other features.

ford edge concept

The Ford Edge Concept cluster

There’s no denying that the Ford Edge Concept is cutting edge—even if you hate puns. You’ll just have to deal with it.

Check out our image gallery of the all-new Ford Edge Concept below.

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