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New Ford Video Series Explores Six Best Roads for Driving in Europe

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Ford Mustang grille

If you are game-planning for a trip through Europe, and you also have it in mind that you are going to take this trip from the comfort of a Ford Mustang or the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS, and if you also figure hey, why not make it a point to hit up six of the best roads for driving on the entire continent, well, you are in luck. Because if you are a person who fits perfectly into that overly convoluted description you just read, then you can start preparing for your clearly-defined objective by watching Ford and BP/Castrol’s new six-part video series, “Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads.”

The top six roads are explored in detail by automotive journalist Steve Sutcliffe, who Ford notes has partaken in more than 750 new vehicle launches across 42 countries. In the videos, he spends his time behind the wheel talking a bit of history and culture, all while driving a Ford vehicle that he feels is best catered to that road’s strengths. Cars featured in the videos include the Focus RS, Mustang GT, Mustang EcoBoost, Focus ST, Focus ST diesel, and Fiesta ST.

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“It’s amazing some of the roads that didn’t actually make the list—but we weren’t just looking for twisty runs to please the petrol heads. We scored each route for thrills, quality of road surface, accessibility, hospitality, scenery, and food and drink,” said Sutcliffe.

“Enthusiasts will know of some of the roads, like the Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania, but perhaps not the C462, in Spain. In some ways it would be nice to keep these roads to ourselves—but when roads are this good they need to be shared,” he added.

The six roads highlighted in the videos include: Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania; Blakey Ridge in North Yorkshire, UK; C462 in Catolonia, Spain; D526 and D926 in the French Alps; B500 of the Black Forest Highway in Germany; and MA10 “Mountain Road” in Mallorca.

“There were a few adventures along the way. Not least when the drone crew we hired in Germany pulled out at the last minute to help out on Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Sutcliffe added. “I’m proud of this selection—and the debate it will no doubt provoke among driving aficionados.”

You can check out all six videos below:

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