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New Frontier Might Actually Be Based on a 10-Year-Old NP300 Truck

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Nissan NP300 Truck


Nissan revealed the 2015 NP300 Navara yesterday and we, like most other folks, almost immediately came to the conclusion that the Navara would find its way stateside under the Frontier moniker. Well, a source speaking with the folks at The Truth About Cars says that we might want to pump the brakes a bit on all that theorizing business. Apparently, Nissan is going to be going with a design based on the Mexican-market NP300 truck, which is an updated version of the first generation Frontier that last sold in the United States a decade ago.

So you might be asking why in the hell Nissan would want to resurrect a 10-year-old design in a segment in which they have a lot of ground to gain on the competition, and the answer is that they want to downsize even more. According to TTAC, Nissan is angling for a cheap compact truck that is fuel-efficient, inexpensive, and more akin to the ancient Nissan Hardbody than the market’s current mid-size trucks.

Gallery: Nissan NP300 Truck, AKA Maybe the Next Frontier

The goal of a Frontier based upon the NP300 truck will be to create an ultra-lightweight small truck that won’t cost Nissan a ton of money to build from the ground up and will tantalize truck buyers looking for something even smaller than the Tacoma or Colorado.

When compared to a Frontier Crew Cab, an NP300 truck with the same cab configuration is between 400-700 lbs lighter before other potential lightweighting techniques even come to play, meaning that the new Frontier could wind up blowing other trucks out of the water when it comes to fuel economy.

Nissan NP300 Truck

Other Driver: YEEEEAHH!

Stay tuned for more information on what Nissan has in store for the new Frontier.

Also, here’s a stray observation: did you know that Nissan’s Mexican lineup is actually comprised of vehicles grown in gardens? It’s true. See? Nissan NP300 Truck     Vegetables 3 Nissan vegetables, y’all.Yummy!

Source: The Truth About Cars

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