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New Harris Poll Survey Finds Americans Don’t Like Shopping at Dealerships

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A survey has found that the majority if Americans don’t like car dealerships

Car buyers have always characterized car dealerships as being slick, sleazy organizations looking to make their next big buck. Now, it looks like Americans have a very good reason for this characterization. A recent survey from Harris Poll have found that 87% of American’s dislike an aspect of buying a car from a dealership, while 61% feel like they’re taken advantage while shopping there.

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The survey is based on the responses of 2,135 adults that are 18 years and older. It was taken in April 2016 on the Beepi used car online peer-to-peer market. It mostly focused on discovering how Americans feel about the car-buying experience, and how it feels owning a vehicle. Overall, it looks like Americans really don’t like going into dealerships with 52% of survey takers stating they feel uncomfortable on the dealer lot.

Leading the pack of car buyers that don’t like dealerships were millennials. In the survey, 56% of millennials said they would rather clean their homes then negotiate with a car dealer. Women in this age group feel like they’re under the most pressure when they step on a dealer lot with 62% saying they feel like they should buy right away and 49% saying they felt tricked into buying features they didn’t need. Generation X-ers were also against dealing with dealers with 24% saying they would rather have a root canal then get into a car negotiation.

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While the main purpose of the survey was to discover how Americans feel about the experience of owning a car, it also asked about people’s attitudes regarding autonomous vehicles. The survey found that 46% of people wouldn’t feel safe owning a self-driving vehicle—and this survey was taken before the recent Tesla Autopilot fatality. We can only wonder if this percentage would be even higher now.

News Source: Beepi