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New Honda S660 Roadster Convertible is Adorable

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The newly launched Honda S660 convertible

The newly launched Honda S660 convertible

In America, Honda vehicles are primarily known for their practicality and reliability, rather than their cuteness. But, in much the same way that everything’s bigger in Texas, everything’s more adorable in Japan—including Hondas.

In its home country, Honda has released tiny, kitschy, and totally adorable kei cars, kei campers, and now, a lightweight roadster. The Honda S660 is a two-seater convertible that comes with a roll-back cloth top, a six-speed manual or CVT transmission, and a 660cc turbo three-cylinder engine that yields a whopping 66 horsepower.

Honda S660 black

Appropriately enough, this baby roadster was dreamed up by a relative infant in the automotive industry: 26-year-old design prodigy Ryo Mukomoto, who says the shape of the S660 was inspired by a speeding bullet.

“People of my generation think cars are simply a tool for transportation,” Mukumoto, who began the project when he was just 22, told Bloomberg. “I wanted them to say—hmm, this car is different. We have made a car that will turn heads.”

Honda S660 interior

Sadly, there’s pretty much zero chance that this fun little head-turning roadster will ever be made available here in America—but if you ever take a trip to Japan, you might be able to smuggle one into your carry-on bag.