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New Kia Rio Commercial Showcases Five Interesting Features

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2016 Kia Rio 5-Door exterior

The new Kia Rio commercial isn’t your typical car commercial

Kia doesn’t put out run-of-the-mill car commercials—and the newest 2016 Kia Rio commercial is no exception.

The creative 50-second spot splices together five very short commercials, rolling them into one longer commercial. In fact, each of the five segments is so tiny that they even feature tiny people!

Video: New Kia Rio Commercial

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In the first 10 seconds, the commercial expounds on the Rio’s incredibly spacious interior. How big is it, do you ask? Well, it’s big enough for multiple Ant-Man-sized people to have a beach day on the sand-colored leather.

Kia Rio Spacious Interior

The second segment, which might be our favorite, highlights the new Rio’s awesome safety technologies—specifically the “Back Warning System.” Kia hints that this system is actually a set of Vikings keeping an eye out for your well-being, blowing into their warning horns to ensure you don’t hit the car behind you.

Kia Rio Commercial Vikings

Kia then highlights the Rio’s cooling glove box feature—the perfect road trip feature. This glove box is so cold, that it is the perfect environment for tiny men to explore.

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Kia Rio Commercial Cooling Glovebox

The final two spots focus on the Rio’s spacious trunk and high-strength steel body. In the latter, a Gerard-Butler-in-300-esque Spartan attempts to take on the Rio, coming out on the losing end.

Kia Rio High Strength Steel

Kia has given us some pretty interesting commercials before. While this one doesn’t feature a hamster committing disability fraud, it still is a refreshing change from the typical car commercial.