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New Leasing Options Announced for Honda Fit EV

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Current Fit EV lessees and their vehicles joined Honda at the Honda Smart Home US in Davis, Calif., on Saturday, March 21 as the company announced a two-year Fit EV lease extension and used vehicle program.

Honda Fit EVs at the Honda Smart Home in Davis, CA

The all-electric Honda Fit EV just got a little more attractive to green car shoppers, thanks to new lease options for existing and prospective Fit EV lessees. This past Saturday at the Honda Smart Home in Davis, California, the automaker announced it is offering a two-year lease extension for current Fit EV customers, which includes a lower $199 monthly payment (reduced from $259) and extends the original lease’s unlimited mileage, routine maintenance, and collision coverage.

New customers interested in driving a used Honda Fit EV will also be able to take advantage of the reduced lease price and matching two-year terms. Additionally, all Fit EV customers can utilize Honda’s partnership with SolarCity to install solar power panels with no upfront costs, allowing them to charge their Fits with clean energy from the sun’s rays.

The 2013 Honda Fit EV

A 2013 Honda Fit EV

“Most Fit EV drivers tell us they love their vehicles, and many have requested lease extensions and this extended lease program is intended to meet their needs,” said Steve Center, vice president of American Honda Motor Co.’s Environmental Business Development Office.  “We’re very confident in how the vehicles are performing, and look forward to offering new and existing customers a chance to experience everything the Fit EV has to offer.”

The Honda Fit EV has a combined adjusted EPA mpg equivalency rating of 118 MPGe2, and EPA-rated driving range of 82 miles2, and an energy-consumption rating of 29 kilowatt hours per 100 miles. The Fit EV battery is capable of being recharged in just three hours when connected to a 240-volt circuit.