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New Ram Commercial Stars an Actual WWII Veteran

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Ram takes a moment to salute those who have served in its latest advertisement

Earlier this year, Ram introduced its latest marketing campaign, titled “Long Live.” The various advertisements that make up the campaign are designed to showcase the benefits Ram trucks can provide to a wide variety of drivers.

For the latest addition to the “Long Live” campaign, Ram decided to focus on a very resolute and brave group of individuals. That is why the “Airplane Rescue” advertisement actually stars a WWII veteran.

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During the television spot, a WWII vet and his grandson travel to a lot full of abandoned aircraft. There they discover an aging American Grumman F6F Hellcat Navy Fighter, one of the most prominent planes used during the conflict.

Probably not the Hellcat you’re used to seeing from FCA

Using a Ram 1500, the pair haul the plane from the lot to a hangar, where they conduct the necessary repairs for it. By the end of the commercial, the Hellcat is up in the air once again.

You can watch the entire commercial below:

While the narrative might have been crafted for the commercial, the veteran in the spot actually served during WWII. According to Truck Trend Network, he is Art Frankel, a retired member of the Army Air Corps.

During WWII, Frankel served as a topographic draftsman. The Air Corps operative would draw various maps of surrounding territories, sometimes hopping in an airplane to get a better look.

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The plane featured in the spot has seen plenty of action as well. Truck Trend Network reports that its permanent home is at the World War II Aviation Museum in Camarillo, California, though it is sometimes taken outside for events such as this one.

Although the advertisement was first released for Armed Services Day on May 20, Ram is planning to release an extended version of the ad on Memorial Day. So keep an eye out this weekend for a longer look at this heartwarming spot from the Ram brand.

News Source: Truck Trend Network