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New Version of ASIMO to Debut in US on April 15

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new version of ASIMO

The new version of ASIMO waves hello.

April 15 is without a doubt the least popular of days in America, although February 14 is a close second for all the bitterly single people sitting at home watching When Harry Met Sally with a tub of ice cream—or for all the ladies whose boyfriends thought “some good, old-fashioned lovin’” was gift enough. Making the 15th of April just a wee bit brighter, however, is the brand new version of ASIMO, Honda’s humanoid robot and the most advanced of its kind, which will be making its North American debut on LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Hosts Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan will introduce the new version of ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility…O) as the robot debuts several of its new abilities. With enhanced dexterity, ASIMO can now sign in Japanese and American sign language; the bot can also run faster than before and climb stairs more smoothly. Oh, yeah, and it can hop, jump, and balance on one foot (which I admittedly have trouble doing after even just a few beers).

new version of ASIMO

“Hey, ASIMO, what’s up?”
“Oh, nothing, just pouring a glass of water. Do you want one?”

“ASIMO was designed to help those in society who need assistance, and Honda believes that these improvements in ASIMO bring us another step closer to our ultimate goal of being able to help all kinds of people in need,” said Satoshi Shigemi, Senior Chief Engineer with Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in Japan, responsible for humanoid robotics.

And after ASIMO entertains on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, it’ll be all business for the robot. Following the show, ASIMO will perform for national technology and science media in the Big Apple.

New Version of Asimo

ASIMO is probably a better soccer player than I am.

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