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New Video Celebrates Chevy Suburban’s 80th Birthday

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1935 Chevrolet Suburban

A classic 1935 Chevy Suburban

This is a big year for the Chevy Suburban—not only did a black 2015 model have the honor of being the 10 millionth vehicle built by the GM Arlington assembly plant last month, but the Suburban itself is currently enjoying its 80th year of continuous production.

By way of wishing the popular (and seemingly immortal) body-on-frame SUV a happy birthday, General Motors just recently released the tribute video below:

The Suburban has worn many masks during its 80-year lifespan, serving as the vehicle of choice for many families, police officers, military personnel, fire chiefs, and even secret service agents.

Almost every Suburban driver you meet is a remarkably loyal devotee of the long-running SUV, and considering the fact that it has been around for eight decades, we suppose that kind of customer allegiance is not too surprising. Many owners of the vehicle are probably second-, third-, or even fourth-generation Suburban drivers.

If you’d like to see more classic Chevy Suburbans, then you’re in luck: GM has also released photos showing highlights from the twelve generations of the Suburban. You can learn more about the first six generations by clicking here, and about the last six generations by clicking here.