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New Volvo Trucks’ YouTube Video to Debut December 3rd

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Volvo will be releasing a new YouTube video tomorrow promoting its powerful construction trucks

The teaser image for the new Volvo video has us scratching our heads

Does anybody remember the video of movie star Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between large trucks, with nothing to protect him from falling off the vehicles except his super strong legs? Well, that video was part of the Volvo Trucks’ Live Test series and lucky for us, Volvo will be releasing a new video tomorrow, December 3rd.

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The Live Test series has racked up more than 100 million views on YouTube and Volvo promises the new video will provide its most challenging test to date.

“We have launched a number of new functions for the Volvo FMX during the last year that help make the truck unbeatable with regard to strength and traction,” said Ingela Nordenhav, Global Marketing and Communication Director for Volvo Trucks. “To open people’s eyes as to how much the truck can actually take, we’ve exposed it to the toughest test we could think of.”

The new video will make its premier on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel. Furthermore, this will be the seventh installment in the Volvo Truck’s Live Test series, which is famous for showcasing the performance of Volvo Trucks by putting the vehicles through some rather incredible tests.

Other popular videos in the series include The Hamster Stunt and The Epic Split, which can be seen below.

Video: Watch Van Damme perform The Epic Split

Video: Check out this teaser for the new video

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