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Some New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

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New Year's resolutions for Your Car

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions for your car?

You’ve already sung “Auld Lang Syne,” tooted your noisemakers until your friends wanted to ring your neck as much as they wanted to ring in the New Year, and you’ve (hopefully) shaken off the day-after affects of a night of too much partying.  Now, it’s time to start focusing on your New Year’s resolutions for 2014.  While most of the nation will be trying to eat healthier, be nicer, and spend less time dawdling around on the internet in their free time (good luck with that, pilgrim), why not focus on a few New Year’s resolutions for your car?

Pay More Attention to the Little Things

Like any other relationship, your car needs you to love it.  As such, you should make sure to keep a regular maintenance schedule to keep your car in the best shape it can be.  You’ll want to make sure that your ride lives to see another year, so keeping the fluids topped and paying attention to warning signs will help extend that relationship through to yet another ball drop.

Quit Smoking

Idling is a no-win situation: it burns gas and leads to useless emissions that harm the environment.  Whenever your vehicle is stopped for a period of more than 10 seconds, turn your engine off.  Idling for anything longer than 10 seconds is a waste of fuel, even when you’re warming your car up in the morning.  Cut the fumes, and you might be able to cut some of the cost at the pump.

Get a New Wardrobe          

Everybody needs a style update now and then, including your car.  It’s always important to keep your vehicle clean (trust us, nobody wants to ride with you if you have garbage all over the floor), so take some pride in how your car looks.  When the weather is nice, get your car washed and, if you have some extra income to put toward it, consider new floor mats, wheel and seat covers, and decorations for your car.  What you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re updating are your tires (get them checked, rotated, and inflated), windshield wipers, and bulbs.  If Feng Shui has any merit, it surely applies to your vehicle.

Have any other New Year’s resolutions for your car?  Leave us a comment and let us know what they are!