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Next Generation Prius Plug In Gets Unplugged

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The Prius name means “go before”, which Toyota seems to keep in mind as it develops more and more innovative technologies for their extensive Prius lineup. While news of the next generation Prius potentially getting an astonishing 55 miles per gallon has been stealing headlines left and right, we think it’s a good idea to focus on some Prius news that is equally as fascinating—the Prius Plug In might be losing its plug.

According to Satoshi Ogiso, managing officer of Toyota Motor Corporation and one of the engineers on the original Prius, Toyota Prius PHV owners have been requesting a more convenient method of charging their Prius Plug Ins. Toyota has taken these requests into consideration and then some by developing a wireless charging system. The system, which will produce “resonance between an on-floor coil and an onboard coil,” will be able to recharge a Prius with no muss or fuss from the cable.

The verification of this system isn’t scheduled until next year, but Toyota is already stirring up excitement with their Hybrid World Tour. This new innovation showcases Toyota’s belief that there’s no end to the future of hybrid cars.

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