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Next-Generation Prius Redesign to Emphasize More Futuristic Feel

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Next-Generation Prius Redesign to Give Prius More Curb Appeal

Toyota only recently announced that they have sold more than 6 million hybrid vehicles worldwide, and if Drive is to be believed, then the potential next-generation Prius redesign might be intended to ensure that the next six million units are sold even faster.

The Prius is practical and proficient, but it’s never been described as pretty. In fact, most of the knock on Toyota’s hybrid vehicle seems to stem from its rather uninspiring presentation. Numerous Toyota executives spoke to Drive about ways to reinvigorate the next-generation Camry and Prius models for heightened appeal to a mass audience.

Provided that the Camry has been the best-selling car in America for 12 years and that the Prius owns a significant market share of the hybrid segment, a more dramatic and “waku-doki” (translates to heart-racing) design could be just what Toyota needs to help it coast over 10 million annual sales.

“In the beginning Prius was the pioneer of the segment,” said Toyota North American CEO, Jim Lentz. “As we put the powertrain into the Camry, it put hybrids into the mainstream. Prius did its job in creating hybrid as a mainstream option.”

Tokuo Fukuichi, head of global design, said that the job is to make the next-generation Prius redesign
“future feeling,” and that the fuel economy should be the best available if there is any point to keeping the Prius brand alive at all.

Green Car Reports goes as far as to say that the next-generation Prius redesign may take some cues from the recently-unveiled Fuel Cell Vehicle, which would certainly fulfill the futuristic-feeling caveat. It is anticipated that the 2015 Prius would achieve a combined fuel economy around 55 miles per gallon, be more spacious, and would come with a cheaper starting MSRP. Combined, all of these elements smell like a recipe for Toyota success.

Next-Generation Prius Redesign May Take Cues from Fuel Cell Vehicle

How about you, oh cynics of the world: what would it take for you to finally bite the bullet and buy a Prius?