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NFL Defensive Back AJ Francis Drives an Uber in the Off-Season

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AJ Francis NFL Player Uber Driver

Miami Dolphins defensive back A.J. Francis is an Uber driver in the off-season

Being an Uber driver can be quite lucrative, if you happen to live in a country that isn’t rioting against the company or suing it. In fact, driving an Uber car can be so rewarding, even celebrities are doing it.

Miami Dolphins backup defensive tackle A.J. Francis recently took up a job as an Uber driver in the off season, supplementing his $510,000 income since NFL players don’t receive their paychecks until the football season.

Francis drives people all over Miami in his own white Dodge Charger, which is absolutely gorgeous (check out those black details!). To give the public a glimpse at his second job, Francis let James Walker, an ESPN staff writer and NFL Nation writer, join him for a ride. During the ride, Walker interviewed the large defensive back, allowing Francis to talk about driving for Uber, how his NFL contract works, and how the other players on his team feel about his second job.

AJ Francis NFL Player Uber Car

Check out Francis’ beautiful Dodge Charger

If Francis getting a second job in his off-season isn’t financially savvy, we don’t know what is.

And obviously, A.J. isn’t just good at football—his five-star ratings show that he’s a top-notch Uber driver, too.

For those of you wondering how you can also get an Uber job and rake in the dough, it’s easy enough. Just follow the instructions here!