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NHTSA Legally Approves GM’s Full View Mirror, Even Though It Is Already Legal

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GM's Rearview camera mirror

© General Motors

Some good news has just arrived for General Motors – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just approved the automaker’s new rearview mirror system, which can switch between a regular old rearview mirror and a display using a rear-facing camera to provide a wider-angle shot, to be used legally as an “inside rearview mirror of unit magnification.”

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It is a little surprising that this permission is coming out now, especially since it has been going out on GM models like the Cadillac CT6 already for review. Shouldn’t the unapproved tech that is taking the place of a crucial piece of safety equipment have been made legal first?

As it turns out, nope. Currently, safety standards basically say that, so long as the car has a passenger-side outside rearview mirror, it doesn’t have to have an inside rearview mirror.

As potentially concerning as that might or might not be, the fancy new mirror has been given the go-ahead, so hooray! Hearing this, General Motors can continue with its plans to install the device in the upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Bolt (even though it probably would anyway) and in production models of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 (which it was already doing).

It is a proud day for bureaucracy.

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