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Nissan Adds Cities to Free Charging Program

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Nissan Leaf at charging station

Photo: mariordo59

One of the perks of driving an EV is that you can laugh as you drive past gas stations (but maybe not as loud now, since gas prices are plummeting). The truth is that EVs still need to charge, and while many of them have ranges that allow for a normal day of driving on one fill up, sometimes a long cruise or an especially cold day can necessitate charging away from home. Automakers invested in EVs, like Nissan and BMW, have been working together to create a convenient charging network to make the cars more appealing. To add more fuel to the fire, Nissan is expanding the No Charge to Charge program to an additional three US cities.

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Nissan customers in New York City, Philadelphia, and Santa Barbara who purchase the Nissan LEAF will be given a card that will allow them to charge their vehicle in public free for two years. Drivers will be able to find eligible charging stations using the LEAF EZ-Charge app on their smartphone. The three cities join a growing list that includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and more.

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According to the program’s page on the Nissan website, the automaker estimates that the No Charge to Charge program will save approximately $1,012 per vehicle. At this time, it has not been announced if any other cities will be added to the list of participating markets.

News Source: CarScoops