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Nissan Considering Selling Supplier Stake

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Nissan is clearly planning on using all of its chips to invest in autonomous driving and electric vehicles. According to Reuters, the Japanese automaker is contemplating selling its considerable stake in one of its suppliers, Calsonic Kansei Corporation. The money from the sale would then be invested in Nissan’s research and development of advanced electric cars and self-driving vehicle technology.

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It has been reported that Nissan will seriously consider bids for its piece of Calsonic Kansei early next month, and investment firms and other parts makers seem ready to commit to investing in the automaker’s place. If Nissan were to sell its 41% stake at the stock’s recent market value, the automaker would take home about $915 million.

Of course, when Calsonic Kansei was asked about Nissan potentially selling its stake, the company simply commented that it wasn’t its choice if it was sold. It would be interesting to see what Nissan’s thought process was while potentially considering this action. It’s smart to own pieces of parts suppliers, to ensure that the parts sent to assembly plants are made exactly as they should be, and a closer relationships means that the automaker can help direct the company’s development to support both enterprises’ goals.

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When Nissan has been asked about the possible sale on the record, company representatives would only say that Calsonic Kansei is a major partner in the Renault-Nissan alliance, and they are considering several options to boost its ability to compete.

We’ll just have to wait until June to see if Nissan really plans on moving forward with this plan.

News Source: Reuters