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Nissan Creates Full-Size Origami JUKE for Crossover’s 5th Birthday

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Eat your heart out, Lexus. Sure, you have your cardboard IS sedan, but do you have a full-size origami crossover?

Nissan Juke: Folded in Britain


We didn’t think so.

This papercraft masterpiece is the work of British artist Owen Gildersleeve, who collaborated with Nissan to create a full-size paper JUKE to celebrate the model’s fifth anniversary. The model used more than 2,000 folded pieces of paper and took more than 200 hours to assemble.

You can watch Gildersleeve and his team assemble the paper JUKE below.

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We shudder to contemplate the amount of hot glue that had to have been used, although it is gratifying to know that it is paper all the way through.

Of course, there were many reasons that Nissan had Gildersleeve make a JUKE using such painstaking measures:

“This was a great project to work on – hard work but very rewarding,” said Gildersleeve. “As a celebration piece, it draws on so many influences, such as the origami focus inspired by Nissan’s Japanese roots. Using so many individual pieces of paper to create the overall structure also represents the thousands of people who helped bring the Nissan JUKE into reality in 2011.”

“The first step of any car design involves putting pencil to paper,” said Darryl Scriven, design manager at Nissan’s Design Center for Europe. “From that simple start, it’s a complex journey to production involving hundreds of skilled people, thousands of man-hours and millions in investment.”

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