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Nissan Creates Power Storage For Europe

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The Tesla Powerwall home battery pack has changed the way that consumers think about supplying their homes with power. The idea behind the device is that the batteries will absorb energy from the grid in off-peak hours, when power is cheaper, and help disperse it to the home when electricity is more expensive. For homes that rely on alternative energy, like solar or wind power, the battery can also absorb excess power from those sources and disperse it to the home when the wind dies down or the sun sets. Thirdly, a battery device can help a home during brief power outages instead of a generator.

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To compete with Tesla, Nissan has created its own home battery called the xStorage. The device has been made available in Europe for about $4,500, and that covers installation (which Tesla does not include in its price tag). Nissan’s xStorage also works with a smartphone app so that homeowners can track its charge and usage.

Nissan has partnered with Eaton, which specializes in energy management, to produce the xStorage. The automaker says that its device is different from “other storage devices” in that the xStorage’s “integrated unit ensures safety and performance when storing and distributing clean power to consumers.”

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At this time, Nissan has not announced any plans to bring the xStorage to the United States, but that might change if Tesla’s unit becomes more popular. It would be a great device to have in the hot summers, when the power companies routinely have to ask consumers to be considerate with their power usage during peak hours because of the stress on the grid from air conditioning units.

News Source: The Verge and Nissan