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Nissan Cube Photo Booth Rolls Out in Japan

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Nissan Cube Photo Booth

Do you remember the Matrix films? The movies utilized a filming style called “bullet time” that allowed cameras to capture an image in 360° and made it so a shot could look like it was moving in slow motion (or completely stopped) while the viewpoint changed. Nissan has taken the Hollywood technology and added it to a Nissan Cube in Japan to create the Cube Shutter Room.

Bullet Time in The Matrix

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According to Nissan, they were inspired to create the shutter room by the growing trend of car selfies that started in the West and is moving to Asia. The car’s interior edge was ringed with a series of high definition cameras to capture all angles of a great moment. How did the cameras know when to fire, however? They can tell when an occupant of the vehicle is smiling. The automaker is calling it the “Ultimate Car Selfie”, and some of the photos are really entertaining.

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Take a look at the video Nissan assembled to show how the Nissan Cube made this ultimate transformation into a sci-fi photo booth, and some of the shenanigans inside of it.

It’s too bad that the Nissan Cube is no longer being sold in the United States. Perhaps the cameras could be mounted in something even cooler, like the Nissan Juke. It seems that the Cube’s square shape is what helps make it the best Nissan vehicle for the job, though. If that’s true, shoppers should investigate local used car lots for the perfect Nissan Cube to modify.