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Nissan Donates Ambulances to Help Combat Ebola in Liberia

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Nissan Donates Ambulances

Nissan donates ambulances to help fight Ebola in Liberia

One of the topics not far from the minds of most these days is Ebola. Starting with a major outbreak in Guinea in March 2014 that spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone, the virus has appeared outside of Africa for the first time in documented history with individuals testing positive for Ebola in Spain and the United States.

Despite your mother’s incessant reminders that you’re as liable to catch Ebola as you are to catch a cold by not wearing a jacket in a rainstorm, Ebola is not most prevalent in the States. It is still a major problem for the people of Liberia, where there have been 6,253 reported cases and 2,704 deaths from December 2013 to October 24, 2014.

In order to help in the efforts of expunging the virus from the country, Nissan will be donating ambulances based on its Patrol SUV to the President’s office of Liberia. These ambulances will be equipped with stretchers and first aid kits and are amply built in order to endure the rugged terrain of Liberia.


Says Nissan: “The pledge is a gesture of the heartfelt sympathy of employees of Nissan around the world to those who are affected by the disaster, and their wish for the earliest possible recovery.”

To learn how you can help combat Ebola in West Africa, check out or visit a complete list of groups taking action and accepting donations at: