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Nissan EVs Ready for UEFA Champions League Final

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UEFA Champions League Final - Nissan

If you ask any football fan, or soccer to us Americans, the UEFA Champions League finals and the European Champion Clubs’ Cup that goes to the overall winners is a highly-coveted award. Like the Stanley Cup, the original trophy stays with the league (until, in the UEFA Champions League’s case, a team wins the cup three years in a row or after five total wins) and is a revered piece of hardware that is very well taken care of. Nissan is the automotive sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, and it decided that the best way to honor the Cup is to give it a van of its own.

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That’s right, a football trophy probably has a better vehicle than many of our readers. The unique Nissan e-NV200 is carpeted with Astroturf and decorated with dark blue wall decals and league logos. Close to the back doors is a pedestal built specially to hold the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. The back doors, side doors, and back panels were made as see-through as possible, so that when the van is driving only the door mechanism, Nissan badge, and Nissan license plate obscure the view of the cup.

As if this van wasn’t extravagant enough, the European Champion Clubs’ Cup will also be squired around the finals in a custom Nissan LEAF. According to Nissan’s press release, the special van took the cup to today’s fan festival in Milan, and then before the final on Saturday the Nissan LEAF will transport the cup into the stadium as part of the UEFA Trophy Parade. One hundred EVs from Nissan will also be on hand all weekend to help officials and guests move during the final weekend.

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As a final gift to the city of Milan for hosting this huge weekend of sports, Nissan has installed 17 EV rapid chargers in the city, and 13 of them will let cars charge for free for the foreseeable future. Hosting a huge sporting event in your city for a weekend seems like a small price to pay for free EV charging.