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Nissan Gets Moving With Real Horsepower

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Besides being a consumer automotive company, Nissan also works hard to help several race teams take the track in their products and specially built cars. However, we at The News Wheel have recently discovered that the automaker has a team with a totally different type of horsepower. In fact, this Team Nissan uses the very essence of horsepower: actual horses.

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That’s right, the brand behind the powerful cars in the Nissan NISMO stable (pun totally intended) also sponsors a major equestrian team in South Africa. Not only does it sponsor a team, but it also sponsors The Heritage and Nissan Development Initiative, or THANDI, which several of the competing riders are involved in. It is a grassroots show jumping development program that lets riders of all backgrounds develop their interest in riding.

One of THANDI’s most recent events was Development Day this month, which was actually part of the Nissan Easter Festival that allowed consumers in South Africa to get up close and personal with Nissan vehicles as well as fun activities like an Easter Egg Hunt and Kids Fun Zone.


Posted by Team Nissan Show Jumping on Saturday, April 22, 2017

When it comes to the horses at Development Day, participants were given a tour of the Derby area of the Kyalami Equestrian Park, where the event was held. Then the children were given show jumping and riding lessons from Team Nissan’s experts. Some of the children had very limited experience on horseback, and others have been with TANDI for four years and are ready to enter the ring and compete.

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We know we started this article making fun of an automaker with a horse team, but what THANDI is doing for kids of all income levels and backgrounds is truly inspiring. We’ll keep our eye on their riders and cheer them on at every hurdle.