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Nissan Gets Ready for Tokyo

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Japanese Gentleman's Agreement

The Tokyo Motor Show might be about eight months away, but Nissan is already getting its game face ready. That is not very surprising, considering that Tokyo is Nissan’s home turf. Just like how the Big Three has historically ruled over the Detroit Auto Show in their back yard, Nissan is getting ready to impress everyone in Japan. According to Roadshow, Nissan will be parking two concept cars on the auto show floor, and they are totally different.

First up is rumored to be a Nissan Juke e-Power concept vehicle. The Juke has not had much of a facelift in the past seven years, when other Nissan vehicles have, so the concept vehicle could be a very drastic version of what the future Juke could look like. The Nissan e-Power is a hybrid, except the battery of the car cannot be charged with an outlet, but instead by the gas engine onboard. That system may appear on a concept, but we’ll see if it makes it onto a production car, especially considering how successful the Nissan Leaf’s plug-in drivetrain is.

There are much fewer details available about the second concept vehicle that could draw the crowds in Tokyo. The rumors and whispers make it sound like this vehicle could be the next generation of Z-Car, one of Nissan’s most successful performance vehicle marks. It would make sense for a car like this to appear beside a Juke concept, because that would make one concept focused on a car that average consumers buy and drive, and the second could be more of the ultimate fantasy car.

We will keep you in the loop if there are any more news or rumors about what is coming to the Tokyo Motor Show this fall.

News Source: Roadshow by CNET