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Nissan Gives Three-Row SUV the NISMO Treatment

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Nissan took its NISMO treatment and applied it, to, say, a three-row SUV?

Well, wonder no longer, young inquisitive one, because in the Middle East, that is exactly what Nissan did. Behold the Nissan Patrol NISMO:

Nissan’s Managing Director for the Middle East Samir Cherfan told Carscoops, “We could not have launched NISMO in the region without including our most iconic model, the Nissan Patrol, in the range of NISMO vehicles. Bringing the high performance brand to the Middle East and launching the Patrol NISMO as a world premiere model is proof of our commitment to making thrilling driving experiences accessible to all our customers.”

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And the Nissan Patrol certainly is Nissan’s most iconic vehicle in the region—it’s one of the most popular SUVs in the United Arab Emirates (although drivers elsewhere would only recognize it as an Infiniti QX80).

The Patrol NISMO gets the typical NISMO-type body kit, Bilstein suspension, 22-inch wheels, quilted leather upholstery, and engineers teased the Patrol’s 5.6-liter V8 engine into giving 428 hp (up 28 from standard). This will most likely be placed at the top of the long list of Patrols that are available for sale in Dubai already (there are ten different models starting at $50,000).

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News Source: Jalopnik’s Truck Yeah