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Nissan Gives Veterans Ultimate Outdoor Experiences

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Nissan’s Wounded Warrior Project is one of Nissan’s most public shows of support for veterans

Nissan is proud of its endeavors that support veterans. The brand has a long history of involvement with the Wounded Warrior Project, including the crowdsourced Project Titan truck makeover. Recently, the brand has teamed up with the Bonnier Corporation, which owns several special-interest magazines like Field & Stream, to give veterans rewards that they deserve in a new video series.

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The videos series is called “Expedition: Hero,” and throughout its production the different publications under the Bonnier banner, such as Outdoor Life and Popular Science, will take veterans on the ultimate trips outdoors. As of this article’s publication, videos have been uploaded to the special Every Duty Heroes website to talk about veterans’ trips to hunt Texas Whitetail and Montana Buffalo. Upcoming posts will focus on catching marlin in Cabo, and then turn away from hunting and towards more adventure-themed pursuits like going off-road and wakeboarding. If a vehicle is required, a Nissan Titan steps in to help adventurers carry gear and tools.

One of the video sets planned in the larger series has also been named “Hero Prosthetics,” and Popular Science will take one veteran who suffered an amputation in the line of duty to a shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota, to be fitted with a new and innovative replacement limb.

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Hopefully the video series inspires readers of each involved publication to explore outdoor opportunities in their own area. While the videos provide content for the website, it also gives veterans an opportunity to explore outdoor opportunities in our country and remind readers how much they owe these proud warriors. Visit the official Expedition: Hero website to view all of the videos and learn when new ones will be released.

News Source: Ammoland