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Nissan GT-R Gets a Fan Update

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The Nissan GT-R is pretty awesome, but there’s no denying that it’s due for an update. The model was originally unveiled in 2007, and received a face-lift and minor tweaks in 2011, but has yet to experience an overhaul.

Drivers who argue that you shouldn’t mess with perfection will be happy to know that a Nissan GT-R redesign has been pushed back to 2020 or beyond. Originally it had been rumored that a new GT-R could be produced as soon as the 2017 model year.

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For the fans who are disappointed that the Nissan GT-R will remain the same for several years to come, there’s still something to brighten your day. INDAV Design, an Italian artist, has imagined what a Nissan GT-R updated for 2016 would look like and made the design into a pretty impressive image.


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The fan redesign has changed a lot about the GT-R, but what sets it out from many fan redesigns is that this looks like a car Nissan would actually build. While there are many changes, from its taillights to its overall body shape, the modifications are still conservative enough as to emulate an actual automaker refresh (not many cars get dramatic makeovers like the Murano and Maxima).

We certainly would be glad to drive around in a GT-R that looks like this!

News Source: Digital Trends

Image Source: INDAV Design, Facebook