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Nissan Hits The Big 1-5-0 Million

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Nissan celebrates 150 million vehicles produced globally

In the month of September, Nissan proudly announced that it hit the big 1-5-0. Not 150 years, but 150 million vehicles produced since the company started building cars in 1933. The milestone is even more impressive considering that it took Nissan 57 years to achieve its first 50 million, 16 years to hit the next 50 million, and 11 years for the following 50 million.

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To clarify, this is 150 million Nissan vehicles, not 150 million vehicles in the large Renault-Nissan Alliance that was formed in 1999. A lot of this growth can be attributed to its expanded reach into markets outside of its native Japan. For instance, in 2006 when Nissan reached its 100 millionth vehicle, 76.5% of its vehicles were produced in Japan. In the past 11 years leading up to 150 million, 76.5% of Nissan’s vehicles were built outside of Japanese borders. According to the company, a lot of this production shift is due to the company growing in the large markets of China and the US.

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Nissan sees this 150 million car milestone as the culmination of 84 years of hard work in all parts of the company. This includes everyone from the dealers that choose to sell the brand, the employees that design and build the vehicles, and the consumers who make the final decision to take a Nissan vehicle home.

While some companies would bask in the glory of such a big milestone, Nissan is looking to the future. It remains committed to the Monozukuri, or craftsmanship, that helps its vehicles stand out from the crowd. The upcoming launch of the Nissan Leaf demonstrates its commitment to the future of the world’s roadways, as well as its conservation efforts that will help it succeed to the next manufacturing milestone.