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Nissan, Honda, Toyota Will Team Up for Hydrogen Infrastructure in Japan

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Nissan Hydrogen Infrastructure

New types of transportation have always been burdened by infrastructure ever since the wheel was invented, and every time a new fuel source is proposed for modern cars, supporting infrastructure must also be put in place. This is no easy task for one company, and even some governments, so that’s why the big three Japanese automakers are teaming up to develop hydrogen infrastructure in Japan.

Part of getting people to buy your new hydrogen cars is having supporting infrastructure, mainly in fuel stops, available to your customers. So, it’s simply good business and mutually beneficial to these automakers to pitch in to equip gas stations across Japan with hydrogen fuel systems. Tesla does a similar thing with its growing, nationwide network of Supercharger stations that provide free electricity to Tesla owners and allows them to travel greater distances from home.

Nissan Hydrogen Infrastructure

The Japanese government is doing its own part by providing subsidies for this process and enacting new policies that should encourage people to buy hydrogen cars in favor of fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

The rest of the world should keep a watchful eye on this process as it unfolds in Japan, as they could learn a thing or two about how to implement a new fuel source on a large scale to support alternative fuel vehicles.

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