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Nissan Juke Completes Blind J-Turns

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Nissan JUKE uses onboard cameras to set world-first 'blind' J-turn recordWe’ve all seen those fun videos of cars, oftentimes small Nissan performance vehicles, completing complicated J-turns to slide quickly into a tight parallel parking spot. The skilled driver relies on their mirrors and ability to see to make sure that the cars fit into the small spaces without hitting any either of the cars or obstacles on either side. It’s a very impressive thing to see in person, because when you see it in a video your brain might want to deny that such a feat is real. Nissan decided that the J-turn was cool, but it would be even more awesome if it was conducted blind.

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That’s right, Nissan took the Nissan Juke and covered all of its windows with a black plastic so that the driver could not see out of the windows. While the test driver, stuntman Paul Swift, could not rely on his normal methods to complete the stunt, Nissan did allow him to see with its Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM) technology to line up and complete the turn.

See the trick for yourself below in the video from Nissan. It might look easy here, but we encourage you to think what it would be like to park your car (even without the J-turn) without being able to gauge the distance between cars with your own eyes.

“Looking at the 360-degree view on the dashboard screen – rather than over my shoulder through the rear window – was strange at first, but I quickly adjusted.” said Mr. Swift. “The AVM cameras gave me a clear view of the track so I was confident of staying within the lines.”

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The only way this trick could get any better is if there was some sort of automotive trick competition using these blindfolded cars. To be honest, now we’re all curious of how far the Juke could go guided only by AVM.

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