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Nissan Just Made the Best Tailgating Car Ever

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Behold the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

You may think that a Ford F-250 with an 80-inch flat screen in the bed and a swing-out BBQ grill on the trailer hitch would be the best tailgating vehicle, but you’d be wrong. Nissan just changed the tailgating game with its Smart BBQ Vehicle e-NV200, and it was built in Japan.

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

The back of this e-NV200 contains a full kitchen that slides out, complete with a sink, drawers, and an electric grill. That alone would make for a decent tailgating car here in the States, but this thing is packed with technology that you didn’t even know you needed, like a Mosquito Barrier System that uses ultrasonic waves and repellent to keep the bugs away. It also has a mist shower, a sun shade, and a flying selfie camera. That’s right, this van comes with its own drone that will float around and take pictures of you and your crew, because Nissan knows that you’ll be way too drunk to take your own selfies.

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Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

This guy clearly knows how to party.

You’re probably wondering where the TVs are at this point. The Smart BBQ Vehicle has a smartphone-linked display that can play video straight through the window. After the game, you can fire up some karaoke and see if you can make enough noise to get the cops to kick you out.

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The e-NV200 that hauls this party kitchen around is a zero-emission concept vehicle that aims to prove that electric vehicles can not only haul people around, but are great for moving cargo around the city as well. We’d probably try to plug this thing in if we took it to a football game, since we’d probably drain the battery fairly quickly from┬áthe grill, karaoke, selfie drone, and TV all going at the same time. Check out the video of the Smart BBQ Vehicle in action below: